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Most difficult city to understand.

Los Angeles is beyond categorization. It is the most difficult of the world cities and the most misunderstood. It has the most liberated city landscape, and of course something so democratic is never easy to understand. You can live for years in Los Angeles and never really feel like you've got the place. The city doesn't really open up to newcomers like most world cities. You must live here to earn the right to enjoy it, and then the city just opens up to you. It's a city of best-kept secrets with a fantastic mix of people.

Orange County, CA

LA in my heart

I was raised in LA and later moved to Mexico. I am a Latino like many of LA dreamers. I had a promising career in Los Angeles. I has a management position in a company that worked directly with Sony. I gave all of my past and moved to Yucatan, Mexico following someone whom I thought would be my happiness. I came here following a girl whom I was going to marry and we had everthing arranged for the marriage and when I came to see her she had someone else. My first thought was to stay and beg her to stay with me and so I quit my job in LA to try and get her back. This story is to long to say. It has been years from then and I am still here. I do travel back to see my parents and friends from my childhood whenever I get home sick. Being an Angelino has made me a strong person and has also influenced in my life to be someone respected in this society. I am now a 35 year old Business man and what has made me a succesful man in life has been the experiences I lived in Los Angeles, for I am not a bilingual person I am a Muticultural man.

Los Angeles, CA

What Anglo Century?

I live in LA because it offers diversity--racial, religious, and philosophical--and, in large measure, the tolerance and an openness to innovation many other places lack.

But why must anyone refer to the last century as the "ANGLO CENTURY"? Irish people, Germans, Italians, etc., are NOT ANGLO. It's like saying this century will be the "MEXICAN CENTURY" because some of the Latino population here is Mexican--but not the Central Americans, the Cubans, the Dominicans, the Puerto Ricans, the South Americans, etc. Can't scholars be more precise? If you want to call it the WHITE century, or for that matter, if it pleases you to call it "EL SIGLO DE LOS GABACHOS" that would at least make more sense. I hope that in this century, we learn more about each other's communities, and also that the flood of immigrants from Asia will find a productive and happy place here.

Los Angeles, CA

Here and Back to Here Again.

I lived in L.A. for 20 years and then moved to FL, thinking maybe I could get ahead financially there as I never had here....8 years later, here I am again--or at least nearby-- and loving every single minute of it. I can see the L.A. skyline on TV !! YAY! I can drive into the city and BE there instead of going over street names in my head. (yes, I really did) The changes excite me. The energy, well.. ENERGIZES me! I love L.A. and I don't care who scoffs at me or thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am crazy, but I LOVE this city--every single inch of it.

Palm Springs, CA



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